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Welcome to York’s most effective sports therapy and sports massage clinic. Calvert sports therapy provides specific injury diagnosis and treatment plans as well as general sports massage treatment for relaxation or injury prevention. We only uses highly qualified and skilled therapists thave experience of both sporting and domestic injuries.  

What is Sports Therapy?

It is the profession which specialises in diagnosing, treating and rehabilitation soft tissue problems and injuries. A sports therapist will perform detailed assessments and provide treatment on the very same day. Further more it is always investigated and explained what specifically is likely to have caused the injury. It is important to establish potential causes so that they can be addressed to prevent the injury from re-occurring.


All sports therapists are experts in sports massage and regularly use it to treat and prevent injuries. Massage has been proven to increase healing rate, reduce pain and increase the function of soft tissue.


Furthermore as the title suggests we also specialise in the world of sport. which means we can get you back into sport faster and more effectively than any other therapist. Not only that but they can help to enhance your performance too!

But what if i dont have an Injury?

Don't worry I often use sports massage to promote relaxation as well as injury prevention so there is no injury necessary. I can identify risk factors such as muscle tension and weakness way before it causes a problem.

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